About Us

My name is Jesus Diaz, and I’m the founder of Always Present, created with only one goal, to help raise human consciousness in the world and end all unnecesary suffering.

All of the human sufferings are self-inflicted due to only one thing, ignorance, there’s no mean or bad people, the only reason some people do bad things is because their consciousness level is very low, they are completely ignorant of who they are, why they came to this world, and what kind of life they can actually live, no matter their circumstances. Suffering tends to create more suffering, and sometimes it seems to be a never-ending chain of bad events, but I do believe the world (and the whole Universe for that matter) is constantly evolving to a higher consciousness, and we human beings can contribute to that. Starting by doing little changes in ourselves.

We can stop generating self inflicted suffering in ourselves, by simply shifting our thoughts, be training our brains to think differently. Our whole world can be different, and the more people do this, the better this world will become for everyone. We want to use all the means we can to help people to unlearn the current harmful way of living, guided by the ego, which will lead to them becoming who they really are, in perfect connection with the Creator.

How to achieve this?

There are many ways, many of which have been taught and practiced for millennials already, meditation is one of them, but there are new ways, taking advantage of technology like practicing Mindfulness Coloring, and several other things to train us to be aware and awake, and don’t let our minds control us, in other words, living in the moment, being present.

Our minds are designed to make us survive, not to make us happy. All we want is to help people to be Always Present and automatically end unnecessary suffering.

When a person raise his/her consciousness to a higher level, and is more and more in connection with the ONE source, real miracles happen every day, and nothing becomes impossible. Decide today to work on this, and I promise you, you’re life won’t ever be the same.