Mindfulness Coloring

Mindfulness Coloring (TM) is a technique we developed to maximize the benefits one person can obtain by doing any coloring activity.

In this page we’re going to explain in more detail what’s necessary and how to practice it easily from home.

  1. Ambience: Ideally you need a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, at least not very often. Think of this as the place you would use to sit for a meditation session. In fact we consider mindfulness coloring to be an effective form of meditation, and we will explain why at the end of this page.
  2. The Object of Coloring: Usually it’s a drawing (already done for you), but it can be anything, a ceramic piece, a canvas, a piece of wood, metal, whatever. The goal here is to work on something we enjoy but doesn’t require a strict outcome or a certain level of professionalism. We’re not working on a masterpiece here, we are working on easing our minds. If the object can be related to any mindfulness topic it’s better because it’s a double reminder to keep focused.
  3. Focus: This is where most people fail, It is perfectly normal to lose focus, and start drifting our thoughts towards many things, the same thing happens in meditation, the key here is to gently notice we drifted, and without any remorse come back to the object of focus. We want to do only one thing, focus on the coloring. This will train the mind to remind at ease for long periods of time, will help us to become more present and more easily stay in the moment, and be aware of our thoughts as they’re happening, allowing us to choose how to react.
  4. Meditative Music: We use background music (we developed our own according to each energy center of the body, but you can use any soothing or meditative music, there are plenty available) this will help a lot, especially, in the beginning, to help you stay in a meditative mood and focused while you’re coloring.
  5. Friction-Free Coloring: After many tests we discovered that using coloring instruments such as colored pencils often times created stress or fatigue in some people, not everyone, because it tricks the mind into thinking its doing a hard job, because of the friction it’s generated between the paper and the pencil, so we tested different instruments and we found some that do not produce this negative effect, these are air instruments like airbrushes, or very low friction tools, like watercolor brushes, or brush pens. These are ideal to reduce mental fatigue and be able to practice mindfulness coloring for longer periods of time.
  6. Lowering the expectations: It is crucial to reduce expectations, the results we want to take out of this activity, otherwise the simple fact of having these expectations can defeat its purpose and work against them, so first don’t expect to create a masterpiece, it doesn’t have to be pretty, nobody is going to judge it, just try to focus in one thing, one stroke of color at a time, and that’s it, don’t even think too much in what colors to use, it doesn’t even have to match the reality, or don’t question yourself every 2 minutes if you’re more calm now, all of that really hinders the benefits.
  7. Consistency: As most things in life, to be able to grasp the full benefits of this technique, the person needs to practice it consistently, at least once every other day for 15 minutes, otherwise would be very hard to re-train the mind to stop thinking so intensively. We definitely recommend giving this a fair try for at least 2 weeks, and evaluate how we feel.

Many people already use coloring books, mainly to reduce stress and it works, but the only reason it works is because they enter into a meditative state where they have one point of focus for more than a few minutes at a time which is very rare in our current lives, the mind is having thousands of thoughts in very short periods, many of those thoughts creating negative neuropaths that train us to feel miserable and stressful.

Mindfulness Coloring can enhance the experience and maximize the results, and we believe it’s a form of meditation because by buddhism definition meditation is focusing on a single object with the intention to purify the mind. Which is exactly what is happening during the Mindfulness Coloring process.

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To a higher consciousness. Always Present